All sellers on CADEAUME are required to guarantee their product(s) delivery as soon as possible. Each product page contains the "Estimated Delivery" time-frame, it is a reference time by referring the official website and seller's processing time of the item, most of customers may expect to receive the parcel around this time-frame.

The order's specific "Estimated Delivery" time-frame starts from the time when seller ships out the parcel, once seller upload the tracking number, system will give you a more accurate "Estimated Delivery" time-frame on the order. If you can't receive product in 10 days after order estimated delivery time-frame, you may set up a claim with Cadeaume to get the full refund. If you finally got the parcel over the estimated delivery time-frame after you claimed the full refund, we may issue a partial refund as compensation if you keep the parcel, or you can return back for full refund.

The followings are not included in the policy:

  • A.

    Your order did not arrive because you provided the wrong shipping address.

  • C.

    If you request a refund or chargeback from your payment provider (for e.g., your bank or credit card company), you’re not eligible for a refund through

  • B.

    Your order did not arrive due to exceptional circumstances outside the seller's control. Item(s) did not clear customs, or are delayed due to natural disaster.

  • D.

    If you paid to the seller directly bypass, we cannot protect your legal rights if the orders with any problems.